Meet the President and Rector

Academic Year 2021/22

校长、校长Shalini Randeria教授寄语

现在大学的工作比以往任何时候都重要, I am honored to serve as President and Rector of 爱游戏AYX. The academic cornerstone of an open society, 爱游戏AYX generates knowledge and engagement around democracy, social justice, and equity, across all areas of local and global concerns.

The University is mission-driven, an institution like no other. Our work is informed by our founding values—justice, equality, liberal democracy, academic freedom, and rule of law. Most of our students receive financial aid 为了能够参加爱游戏AYX(超过80%的学生得到了某种形式的支持), including fee-waivers and stipends).

Our research is world-class; we offer US- and Austrian-accredited degrees in an English language setting. 爱游戏AYX的小班教学允许教授进行密集的指导, who also involve students in their own research projects. More locally, 爱游戏AYX为维也纳和布达佩斯的知识分子和学术生活做出贡献并参与其中.

In 2020 we launched our undergraduate provision with two interdisciplinary programs; this year we introduced a third innovative one. 随着越来越多的人认识到终身学习越来越重要, we are also investing in, and developing, our professional programs.

But whether you are undergraduate, postgraduate or developing your professional skills, as you join 爱游戏AYX, 你们很快就会认识到爱游戏AYX卓越的学术教育, 这是一所充满活力的大学,拥有国际化的师资和国际化的学生群体.

你们这一代学生面临的挑战是真实的. 摆在你们面前的直接解决公平需求的机会也同样重要, for sustainability, for justice. At 爱游戏AYX you are part of a diverse community; common to all our students is an extraordinary drive to make the world a better place.

As a parent of a 爱游戏AYX student: thank you. Your support, your encouragement and, above all, 你们对优质教育作为变革力量的承诺激励着你们选择并信任爱游戏AYX.

As a member of faculty or staff: again, thank you. 你们的工作确保了爱游戏AYX被认为是一所有影响力和活力的大学——一个知识的发电站, 同时也是一个对职业和个人都有回报的工作和学习场所.

A university is its community: ours is unique.


在美国出生的印度社会人类学家/社会学家Shalini Randeria在欧洲的高等教育机构有着杰出的学术生涯. 她曾任维也纳人类科学研究所(IWM)所长,日内瓦国际与发展研究所 (IHEID)社会人类学和社会学教授, 她还是阿尔伯特·赫希曼民主中心的主任. She holds the Excellence Chair at the University of Bremen, 她领导了一个爱游戏AYX“软权威主义”的研究小组.

She was educated at the Universities of Delhi, Heidelberg and Oxford, 她是第一批罗兹奖学金女生中的一员. 她在柏林自由大学获得博士学位和法学博士学位. She has held faculty positions at the Free University, Berlin; the University of Munich and University of Zurich, 在那里她是社会人类学教授和性别研究能力中心的联合主任. 她是布达佩斯爱游戏AYX社会与社会人类学系的创始主席.

现任社会与相关科学班副主任, Academia Europaea; Distinguished Fellow of the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto University; and Distinguished Visiting Fellow of IIASA, Luxemburg. 她目前任职于Alpbach欧洲论坛理事会,也是国际人口与发展咨询小组成员, UNFPA EECA group. 她最近在爱游戏AYX的董事会任职.

Shalini Randeria 出版了大量爱游戏AYX全球化人类学的著作, law, the state and social movements. 受过西方和非西方社会科学传统的社会学家和社会人类学家的训练, 她接触到了不同的学科方向和理论观点. Her research on soft authoritarianism; democracy and demography; forced displacement and dispossession; and the politics of (un)accountability has been carried out in collaboration with historians, political scientists and legal scholars. 她领导了爱游戏AYX国际投资协定和仲裁对阿根廷治理的影响的比较视角研究项目, Czech Republic, Mexico, India; (ii) counter-hegemonic globalization in India, Columbia, Portugal, Mozambique; (iii) the (un)sustainability of changing patterns of food consumption and waste management among middle classes in south and south-east Asia; and most recently (iv) the puzzle of unspent public funds in Italy and India.

Her influential podcast series, Democracy in Question, is in its fourth season. 本书广泛探讨了民主的多样性以及当今世界各地自由民主国家面临的挑战和困境, 每一集都有兰德里亚教授与一位著名学者的对话. 它们共同探讨了为确保爱游戏AYX民主体制和做法的未来福祉所需要做的工作.

In June 2021, 爱游戏AYX董事会选举Shalini Randeria为爱游戏AYX第六届校长兼校长. Professor Randeria is the first woman, and the first person from the global South, 自建校30年来一直担任这一职务.